Requirements to Become a GoWitness

What are the Acceptable Forms of ID?

What are the Acceptable Forms of ID? U.S. State Issued Driver’s License U.S. State Issued Photo ID U.S. Passport Book Certificate of US citizenship Certificate of Naturalization Foreign Passport Alien Registration Card with Photo (Green Card / Permanent Resident Card) Military ID Prisoner ID (Must be a photo ID and must contain a signature) **Currently only accepted if issued by the State of Nevada (NV), Texas (TX), or Virginia (VA).

What types of documents might I witness?

Powers of Attorney Affidavits/Oaths Statutory Declarations Copy Passports Copy Documents Written Statements Application Forms Mortgage Documents Property Purchases Adoption Documents Certificates of Law Company Documents Loan Agreements Bills of Sale & more...

How old do I have to be to witness documents?

18 years old

About the Required Background Check

Note: Some background checks may be delayed due to court and DMV closures caused by COVID-19.

As part of your onboarding, GoWitness will conduct a criminal background check with your consent. Potential U.S. signers must provide a valid social security number in order to undergo the criminal background check, which is conducted by a third-party company, Checkr, Inc. The background check searches national and county-level databases, as well as local courthouse records, for convictions throughout your adult life. This check also searches the United States Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry and the Federal Criminal Records database.

The results of the background check are reviewed by GoWitness and assessed against applicable regulations and GoWitness’s internal safety criteria. You may be ineligible to witness on the GoWitness platform if, at the time of your application, your background check results reveal that you:

  • Are listed on the National Sex Offender Registry database;
  • Have been convicted at any time of a disqualifying violent crime (such as homicide, kidnapping, human trafficking, arson, burglary, carjacking, robbery, or aggravated assault);
  • Have been convicted at any time of a sexual offense (such as rape, sexual assault, or child pornography);
  • Have been convicted at any time of an act of terror;
  • Have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the past seven years, or longer in some jurisdictions;
  • Have been convicted of a disqualifying fraud-related offense in the past seven years for most jurisdictions, although this time frame may be longer, or shorter, in certain jurisdictions;
  • Have been convicted of a disqualifying drug-related offense in the past seven years for most jurisdictions, although this time frame may be longer, or shorter, in certain jurisdictions;
  • Have been convicted of a disqualifying theft or property damage offense in the past seven years for most jurisdictions, although this time frame may be longer, or shorter, in certain jurisdictions.

Please be aware that laws governing disqualifying convictions vary significantly by jurisdiction, and the above list is not inclusive of all disqualifying convictions. You may be found ineligible to drive for GoWitness based on other types of records.

GoWitness requires an up-to-date background check to remain on the platform. If you are returning to the platform after a period of inactivity, please contact us to ensure that your profile is current.

After onboarding, GoWitness enrolls all active witnesses in continuous monitoring of criminal records, which notifies GoWitness of new pending criminal charges or convictions.

Please be aware that in New York City, DMV and criminal background checks are conducted by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) according to their licensing standards, not by GoWitness.

GoWitness reserves the right to disqualify a signer at any time, in compliance with applicable law, should their background check reveal any disqualifying offense or for any other safety-related reason.

If your background check reveals potentially disqualifying information, you will receive a copy of the report via email along with instructions on how to dispute the results. Keep in mind that background checks may take several weeks to process.

[2] Certain states may restrict access to criminal records older than 7 years.

Other flags that may come up in the report:

No less than one year with a valid license for ages 23 and over. No less than three years with a valid license for those ages 21-23. A motor vehicle report that shows no more than 3 minor violations in the previous 3 year period. Minor violations include: Speeding violations Moving violations Driving without a license Driving without insurance Traffic light violations A motor vehicle report that shows NO major violations in the previous 7 year period. Major violations include: Hit and run accidents Speeding in excess of 100 mph DUIs Reckless driving convictions Street racing No criminal convictions in the previous 7 year period. Criminal convictions include: Felonies Misdemeanors Resisting arrest Child endangerment or abuse Violent crimes Driving related convictions

Background Check FAQs

1. How are background checks affected by COVID-19?

Some background checks may be delayed due to court and DMV closures caused by COVID-19. If your background check is affected by these closures, you may be unable to go online or receive ride requests until your background check is completed. You can check the status of your background check by logging in to the Checkr applicant portal.

We will continue to conduct continuous criminal monitoring and driving record monitoring of active signers.

2. How long will my background check take?

Typically, background check results will be available within 2-4 days. You can check the status of your background check by logging in to the Checkr applicant portal.

3. I received a copy of my background check, but it is incorrect. I was not charged with the offense listed, or there is something inaccurate or incomplete about the information in the report. What should I do?

If you believe that the contents of your background check are inaccurate or incomplete, you may contact Checkr, Inc. (the company that provided the background check to GoWitness) directly by phone at 844-824-3257 or by using the Checkr applicant portal.

Please note that there is no time limit on when you can dispute the accuracy of your report with Checkr, but we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

4. I received a copy of my background check, and it is accurate. However, I believe there was an error. I do not believe I should be disqualified from driving for GoWitness based on my criminal history. What should I do?

If the information contained in your background check is correct, but you still have questions or would like to provide us with additional information, contact GoWitness support directly.

5. It seems like GoWitness’s background check criteria may vary by region. Why?

State and local laws vary significantly. Some jurisdictions require GoWitness to disqualify applicants with certain records, while others do not require disqualification for those same records. To comply with applicable laws, the criteria GoWitness uses to evaluate an applicant’s criminal history often varies by jurisdiction.

6. I have applied to provide services on several “gig economy” platforms. My background check passed for those companies, but I was disqualified from driving for GoWitness based on my criminal history. Why?

Laws governing “gig economy” companies may vary depending on the type of service being provided. Also, keep in mind that potential signers’ background checks must comply with GoWitness’s internal safety standards, which may be more strict than regulatory standards or the criteria of other platforms.

7. I have been driving for GoWitness, but I was notified that I need to pass another background check to keep driving. Why? I already passed a background check when I initially applied.

GoWitness conducts background checks routinely on all active signers to ensure continued compliance with applicable laws and safety regulations. GoWitness may also conduct an additional background check if you move from one driving region to another.

8. My ID Validation failed. Why? What does this mean?

All Social Security Numbers (SSN) are validated against multiple databases to ensure that the SSN matches the user applying to drive with GoWitness.

9. My background check is ‘suspended’. What does that mean?

Your background check may require additional action with Checkr. You should have received an email from with instructions, or you can log-in to the Checkr applicant portal to view your status.

Safety & Reporting

Report an Incident

Call 911 for emergencies. During a signing, you can call 911 using our in-app call button. To report an incident, contact to get connected with our Claims Customer Care team.

Safety Considerations

GoWitness cares deeply about the safety of our users and signers. In order to continue providing amazing service and keep the confidence of our users, we ask that all GoWitness users follow safety protocol to ensure professionalism and quality standards. COVID-19 CONSIDERATIONS GoWitness is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, and taking action based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local and federal officials. Extra health safety precautions are necessary to help protect each other from COVID-19. During this global pandemic, all users must wear face masks during their signings with a GoWtiness signer. GoWitness Signers are encouraged to either use their own signing pen, if signing in person, or use hand sanitizer. SCREENING SIGNERS Before anyone can drive and sign with GoWitness, they must undergo a multi-step safety screen, including being checked for driving violations, impaired driving, violent crime, and other checks. SAFETY TIPS WHEN BOOKING THROUGH GOWITNESS Check the car and I.D. Every time you book with GoWitness, please make sure your GoWitness Signer is in the right car with the right driver by matching the license plate, car make and model, and driver photo with what’s provided in your app. GoWitness Signers can only be requested through the app, so never allow someone into your home, business, or place of signing where the vehicle or driver identity doesn't match what’s displayed in your app. Have the Signer confirm your name - In addition to confirming vehicle and I.D., you can also ask the GoWitness to confirm your name before you accept them into your home, business, or place of signing. Your Signer sees your first name in their app, and your Signer’s first name is displayed to you in your app. To safely exchange names, you can ask, “Who are you here to sign for?” The Signer may also ask you to confirm their name for their own peace of mind. Share your booking details with loved ones. - Although GoWitness users are professionals in the field of law and notarial work, it is also a good idea to share your booking info with someone who knows your location. Protect your personal information - Our technology anonymizes your phone number when you call or message your driver through the GoWitness app. Be mindful of the location that you choose to have your signing. If you book a signing in your home, please consider conducting the signing in a space that is close to exit doors in case of emergency. Follow your intuition - Trust your instincts and use your best judgment when requesting services with any courier service, including GoWitness. If you ever feel that you’re in an urgent situation, you can call 911. And remember, if you feel unsafe you can end the service at any time and contact GoWitness support. Be kind and respectful - Please respect fellow GoWitness community members by listening to their wishes if in regard to personal space, language used in their presence, cultural considerations, and GoWitness Signers are to do the same. GoWitness has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any descrimination or violence, physical, emotional, or psychological. Give feedback about your service - After each booking, you’re asked in the app to rate your experience. Your feedback helps keep GoWitness safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you ever experience a safety or respect issue, please report it to GoWitness with as much detail as you can. Our team will follow up.

What else should Signers and Users report?

Anything that makes a user or signer uncomfortable during a signing should be reported immediately to or via the Contact Admin form in the app. The integrity of our company is based on the integrity of each user and customer, so we need your help to identify where problems may exist.