GoWitness Mobile App makes it easy to find and book on-demand witnesses for your transactions from wills to real estate deals! Sign-up for updates on app launch!

Get paid to sign your name! Notaries, don't miss business again!


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Launching 2020!


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So you need documents signed ASAP and you have a notary public but they don't have witnesses available?! No worries with GoWitness! Book in the app to have someone show up to your door or book for or days out!


All GoWitness signers will have completed background checks and have validated I.D.s to show at your signing! You sign, they sign, we all sign with GoWitness!


GoWitness signers are paid for at least 15 min of their time upon GPS-verified arrival! Payment methods include credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and digital wallets! Keep track of jobs in the app! 


GoWitness will allow you, the user, to confirm that your GoWitness signer was courteous and on time. The GoWitness also reviews the user on courteousness and compliance to ensure safety & efficiency!




Hi! I'm Arielle, a Realtor. During a property sale, documents had been overnighted to a seller in another state, but they had to sign immediately with TWO witnesses after 6pm!!! Not one notary could provide witnesses at that time without charging at least $300 (no joke). As you can predict, the idea for mobile signers was born!  ⠀

How much easier would it be if I could just request a witness via an app and witness(es) just show up to their door?! I'm not the notary, so I could just pay them for their time. Well, this year, I’m launching GoWitness to do just that! I need your help, though. Please sign-up now to be alerted when it's time to launch!

My goal is to create fast-paying jobs and increase efficiency in this space! We all need it! So if you’re looking for extra income and can sign your name, this is for you! If you can benefit from offering this to your clients, this is for you too! 

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